Groucho Secondo - Dylan Dog Color Fest 34 cover
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La fine di un giorno qualunque

Plot and script: Marco Rincione
Atrwork and colors: Giulio Rincione

A bothered Dylan roams the city in search of a missing person… A person who’s very dear to him. An episode that reveals Groucho’s most disquieting side, delving into his conflictual relationship with the Old Boy.

La sindrome di Stencil
Plot, script, artwork and colors: Giacomo Keison Bevilacqua

Groucho goes to a physician to have his eyes examined. After the visit, his sight is altered. Dylan’s assistant finds himself in a city that turned into a jumble of alienating and irresistibly comical perceptions.

Groucho oltre lo specchio
Plot, script and artwork: Luca Enoch
Colors: Sergio Algozzino

Like Alice in the famous Lewis Carrol’s novel, the protagonist of this story is a Groucho who has gone through the looking-glass, where he becomes a wild, unstoppable force of nature.