Dylan Dog OldBoy 2 cover
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Cuore cattivo
Plot and script: Rita Porretto e Silvia Mericone
Artwork: Maurizio Di Vincenzo

Dylan Dog finds out the hard way that secrets that stayed buried for a long time are destined to become endless horrors. They can take you inside stories that look like any other on the surface, and then drag you into the deepest abyss. It’s the return of the morbid atmosphere and the dark and maudit characters that were at centerstage in “Il lago nero”, a story published on Maxi Dylan Dog Old Boy n. 26.

Green World
Plot and script: Riccardo Secchi
Artwork: Paolo Bacilieri

Ann and her daughter, Phoebe, live outside London, in a mansion where the mother can take care of her beloved plants every day. The daughter, however, anxious and unsatisfied with her life choices, is genuinely in love with Dylan. The Dweller of Craven Road returns her love in full, and they have even started talking about marriage. Has the time of happiness come, or something terrible is lying in wait behind the corner?